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Grants for youth activities

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The City of Helsinki will not recover already granted subsidies for arts and culture

Because of the closures and cancellations of activities caused by the coronavirus the city has decided not to call back the grants that have already been awarded to culture and leisure. The Culture, Sport and Youth sections of the City of Helsinki Culture and Leisure Division will provide you with more detailed directives and information about decisions during the spring 2020.

The grants can be moved to be used later, even up to the spring of next year, or the content of the activities can be altered with a low threshold. The city acknowledges the situation, is flexible with the use of the grants, and understands that circumstances have changed and become more difficult.


The Youth Committee is responsible for awarding grants to Helsinki-based youth organisations. A prerequisite for the payment of grants is that the funds made available be used to support activities. They are not intended to maintain activities, for which reason every recipient association must have its own fundraising programme.

There are four types of annual grants: operating grants, hiring grants, holiday camp grants and project grants.

Operating grants are annual grants that are awarded for the purpose of supporting the general operation of Helsinki-based pre-youth and youth organisations. These grants are available to Helsinki-based pre-youth and youth organisations that launched operations no later than the previous year, in which over half of the members or people actively participating in activities are residents of Helsinki between the ages of 7 and 28. Organisations applying for an operating grant may also apply for a rental grant if necessary.
 Organisations that were awarded the grant the previous year can apply for an advance, which can amount to up to 50% of the grant received the previous year.

Hiring grants are annual grants that are awarded to registered Helsinki-based youth or pre-youth organisations or corresponding registered organisations that have subordinate Helsinki-based local youth associations, divisions, units or operating groups or if the nature of the organisation otherwise requires organising. Two thirds of the organisation's members or people actively participating in activities must be under the age of 29. Applicants must undergo an operational assessment every three years. The assessment is conducted by the Partnership Unit.

Organisations that were awarded the grant the previous year can apply for an advance, which can amount to up to 50% of the grant received the previous year.

Holiday camp grants are annual grants awarded to Helsinki-based associations that organise overnight and/or daytime camp activities for Helsinki-based children and youth during school holidays and breaks. The grants are awarded for the period between 1 November and 31 October. The grant must be applied for in advance for camps that are to be organised during the upcoming season. The grant can be used to cover the camp's transportation, material, food, information, insurance and rental costs as well as the hiring costs of camp personnel. The camps must be open to all, in addition to which they must be listed in Harrastushaku (the Activity Search) online service maintained by the Youth Department.

Project grants are one-off grants awarded to Helsinki-based pre-youth and youth organisations as well as youth activity groups (see also Sponssi) for organising a youth activity group project, programme, event or function or for participating in corresponding activities.

Project grants are also awarded in the form of:

Start grants for Helsinki-based pre-youth and youth organisation that are in the process of launching or re-launching their operations and meet the criteria for operating grants.

Club grants for organising youth activities.


The award criteria for grants are detailed in the  Grant guidelines for youth organisations approved by the Youth Committee, which also steer the preparation of grants and the decision-making related to them.

All grant applications must be submitted through the City's E-Services system. For more information, please visit the Applying for grants page.

Contact information:

Virpi Talasmäki, Administrative Secretary, tel. 09-310 89132,

Tuulia Saves, Administrative Secretary, tel. 09-310 23056,

Liisa Remes, Administrative Secretary, tel. 09-310 26783,

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