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Youth unit

The Youth unit, together with young people, produces services and culture-related extra-curricular activities. It also promotes the participation of young people in society and offers support and guidance to young people. The Youth unit is responsible for youth work and the youth policy in the City of Helsinki.  The director of the Youth unit is Mikko Vatka.

The core target group are young people 10–18 years of age. The unit has over 360 employees, of whom most are youth workers. The Youth unit has operations in approximately 70 facilities around Helsinki.

Youth work is carried out in youth centres and other facilities as well as in projects. In addition, the Youth unit supports youth organisations and youth groups.

The unit director is the Director of Youth Affairs. The annual budget of the Youth unit is approximately EUR 31 million.


Youth Division is part of Culture and Leasure Sector.


You can for example apply for grants, book a facility or become a volunteer.

Young people's Helsinki

Helsinki is full of fun things to do for young people!