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Sports Division

The organisation and functions of the Sports Division

The sports division is responsible for sports, the sports policy, the organisation of sports activities, sports facilities and a camping site. The director of the sports division is Director of Sports Tarja Loikkanen.

The sports division is divided into three functions: Sports Activation, Sports Facilities, and Recreation Services.

The Sports Activation function is tasked with sports instruction, supporting civic and association activities, and events. Key customers and target groups include physically non-active or moderately active people, and groups with special needs. Sports activation services include supervised sports and tasks related to supporting civic and association activities and events.
The Sports Promotion Unit is responsible for sports planning, sports projects, sports services provided in cooperation with partners, staff sports, and expertise in the field of sports.

The Targeted Sports Services Unit is responsible for sports instruction services, sports-related guidance and the implementation of sports events for various target groups. Targeted sports services are provided in teams by region: west, north and east.

The Partnership Unit is in charge of handling the booking of sports facilities and boat places, and the booking of schools’ sports facilities outside of school hours. In addition, the unit is responsible for supporting sports facilities and civic and association activities, as well as coordinating events.

The Sports Facilities function is responsible for the maintenance of indoor and outdoor sports facilities and the services provided in them. The target groups are sports clubs, fitness athletes and competitive athletes, but also people who engage in sports and exercise to maintain personal fitness. The services are provided regionally by the eastern, western and northern regional units.

The Recreation Services function is responsible for the maintenance of recreation areas, camping sites, tracks and local sports facilities and the services provided in them, as well as the provision of marine services. Key customers include people who engage in physical activity independently, on a recreational basis, daily or 

The Local Sports Unit is responsible for local sports and outdoor sports facilities, outdoor tracks, ski trails, swimming beaches, winter swimming places, recreation areas and camping sites.

The Marine Services Unit is responsible for boating, water transport, recreational islands and fishing.

The Maintenance Unit is responsible for supporting the maintenance of sports facilities and for the building technology, transportation and servicing of equipment.