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Cultural Projects

Projects that received Helsinki Model grants for 2016–2018

The following projects have received Helsinki Model grants:

Helsinki Theatre Foundation / Estradilla Jakomäki (Jakomäki on stage)
Helsinki City Theatre and Jakomäki residents participating in the project will brainstorm, plan and implement theatre-based cultural activities in Jakomäki: theatre workshops, one-off events and performative happenings. The project will explore the area’s identity, making it visible by means of art and theatre. The organisers are looking for people of all ages and from various backgrounds to join the project. The aim is to ensure that art activities will also continue in Jakomäki after the end of the project.  

KOM-teatterin Kannatus ry / Ääni – Viestejä Vuosaaresta (Voice – Messages from Vuosaari)
KOM-teatteri’s community art project will be implemented in cooperation with Vuosaari residents, local communities and artists. The project aims to support and develop a multi-voiced, dialogical local culture in the areas of Meri-Rastila, Keski-Vuosaari and Kallahti. At the core of the project is multiculturalism, with all the richness and challenges involved. The organisers are looking for people from various backgrounds to join the project.

Q-teatteri ry / Kaupungin huminaa Kaarelassa (Hum of the city in Kaarela)
The Baltic Circle festival will launch a project in Kaarela focusing on urban communities and the question of how art contributes to changes taking place in the city. The project will bring year-round art activities to Kaarela, including workshops, discussion forums and interventions designed for urban space. The aim is to provide Kaarela residents with concrete tools for developing their living environment and local activities.

Suomen Kansallisteatterin Osakeyhtiö / Maunulan maisema (The landscape of Maunula)
The Finnish National Theatre’s project aims to use theatre to strengthen local self-esteem and the sense of community in Maunula, and encourage active participation by residents. For example, FNT will organise Taidetalkoot art events, workshops and performative happenings for residents of all ages and from different backgrounds. The aim wass to reach the majority of local residents by various means by the end of 2018.  

Zodiak Presents ry / Minun nimeni on (My name is)
Zodiac – Center for New Dance will offer Kaarela residents both low-threshold forms of participation and opportunities for longer-term engagement to the process of making art. The project will employ multiple forms of community art, built around three themes: (My)Power, (My)Environment and My Portrait. The aim is to identify ways of participating and making a difference that will reinforce resident’s identities.

Tanssiteatteri Hurjaruuthin kannatus ry / Sirkus saapuu kaupunkiin (Circus comes to town)
Dance Theatre Hurjaruuth’s “Circus comes to town” project aims to improve the accessibility of circus arts and participation by residents. In the funding year 2016, the project will focus on the areas of Ruoholahti and Jätkäsaari. In the project workshops, participants will learn circus skills and reflect on what their city is like and whether it could be changed by means of a circus.

Helsinki Artists’ Association / Taidekehä I (Art ring I )
Helsinki Artists’ Association’s “Taidekehä I” project will include visual art projects led by artists, pop-up exhibitions and art lending events. The project will spread to the areas of Kannelmäki and Malminkartano in particular. The aim is to build interaction through art and together improve the living environment and the feeling of safety in the area.

The Foundation for the Finnish Museum of Photography / Toisin sanoen – Vuosaari (In other words – Vuosaari)
The Finnish Museum of Photography’s project aims to reinforce the sense of community, based on equality and tolerance, among young people 13 to 23 years of age living in different parts of Vuosaari, and to provide them with tools for self-expression. The project will include photography and video workshops, as well as occupations of public space in the form of exhibitions and performative events.

Pohjois-Helsingin bändikoulu / Jakis-musikaali (Jakis – the musical)
The musical project, taking place in Jakomäki, aims to empower youths who are at risk of social exclusion and to increase their social capital. Working towards a goal, receiving encouraging feedback and achieving results together will reinforce their self-image and teamwork skills. The final outcome of the project will be a musical designed and performed by the youths.

Teatterimuseon säätiö / Kohtaamisia voimaannuttavan taiteen äärellä (Encounters through empowering art)
The Theatre Museum’s community art project is targeted at residents of all ages living in eastern Helsinki who are at risk of being left out of culture services due to their social, financial or regional position. The workshops and performances will bring people from various backgrounds together. In the workshops, participants will reflect on their experiences, memories and dreams by means of musical puppet theatre.

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Mediakulttuuriyhdistys m-cult ry / Osallistavan yhteisötaiteen residenssit (Residencies for participatory community art)
M-cult will bring its tool for community media art to Maunula. Artists-in-residence working in the area and media art workshops will help participants start their own productions. The aim is to reinforce participants’ self-expression and develop the area’s identity. Instead of holding individual projects, the idea is to embed community media art in Maunula for the long term.

Klockriketeatern r.f. / Vuosaari-projekti (Vuosaari project)
Klockriketeatern will implement a multi-art project with young people 15 to 19 of age living in Vuosaari from 2016–2017. The project will consist of long-term workshops. Artistic work will focus on themes that young people find important and questions defined by the youths themselves. The basis for the work is the identity of Vuosaari residents.

Snadisti artsumpi stadi (More art to the city) (2016)
The “Snadisti artsumpi stadi” project brings art to the daily lives of children in Helsinki. The joint project of the Cultural Office and the Department of Early Education and Care hires artists to work at playgrounds and day-care centres. The aim is to reinforce children’s role as active creators of art and diversify artists’ employment opportunities. The project will also increase day-care staff’s awareness of how culture can be used in early childhood education. 

The project was organised for the second time in 2016, with six artists starting their work in August. The artists involved represent the following areas: drama education, folk music, visual arts, photography and environmental art. They worked at playgrounds and day-care centres in Jakomäki, Kaarela, Maunula, Mellunkylä and Vuosaari until the end of the 2016.

Further information: Petteri Räisänen, Project Secretary, +3589 310 79 564,

Projects at Annantalo Arts Centre

A.lava stage and the courtyard of Annantalo

In summer 2017, Annantalo’s courtyard becomes a living room for everyone in Helsinki, and especially for children and young people. As a new feature, the Kansakoulukuja side of the yard will house the A.lava stage in which a multi-art programme will be on offer all summer, with special focus on June and August.

Barrier-breaking artists’ residences

There are two residential artists working at Annantalo in 2017, who will co-produce a work of art open to the public with children and/or young people. In the spring of 2017, art pedagogue Kati Karvonen will lead animation students in the production of a virtual world called Teleportti, and in the autumn of 2017, choreographer/dancer Päivi Aura will create a performance for visually impaired and seeing small children with experts on vision impairment.

Cultural special needs youth work KENT

The purpose of the cultural special needs youth work is to develop art and cultural activities and establish them as part of special needs youth work in cooperation with special needs youth work professionals. KENT workshops provide an opportunity for art professionals and young people with special needs to come together with the help of art and art-based procedures.

Art Testers

The Art Testers is a national project in which every 8th-grader in Finland will be offered the chance to visit two art institutions. One of the institutions visited will be in the student’s own region, and the other either in Helsinki or elsewhere in Finland.

Art Clubs in Schools

Annantalo arranges art clubs in schools in areas of Helsinki where the number of children and young people attending basic education in the arts is below average. The wishes and ideas of children and young people are taken into account in the clubs’ programme contents.