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Cultural Centres and Support

Kanneltalo - the Cultural Centre for Western Helsinki. 

Cultural Centres and Support strengthen the operating conditions for professional art in Helsinki, increase the city residents’ participation in art and culture, and promote the realisation of cultural rights.  Cultural Services and Support take care of the  the preparations for culture grants and also play a role in generating the city’s overall view on cultural policy. Cultural centers include the provision of professional-level performance, education and exhibition spaces and a production environment.

Helsinki offers residents cultural events, performances, exhibitions, courses and arts education. There are approximately1,500 performances, 1,300 courses and 120 exhibitions organized annually. Our cultural offering is implemented in close cooperation with artists based in Helsinki.

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Cultural Services and Support

Cultural Services and Support include handling the preparations for culture grants and improving and developing the operating conditions for the subsidised fields of art and culture. Cultural Services and Support also play a role in generating the city’s overall view on cultural policy. 

Grants for Culture

Helsinki awards approximately EUR 17 million a year in grants to arts and culture. Arts and culture grants are available for both continuous and project-based activities. Development grants may be applied for by projects intended to last for 1–3 years. In addition, the City awards grants to educational institutions that provide basic arts education and organises separate grant calls occasionally.

Seven Cultural Centres all-around the city

There are seven cultural centres in Helsinki: the Savoy Theatre guest stage, Annantalo Arts Centre for children and youth, the international culture centre Caisa and the local venues Stoa, Vuosaari House, Malmitalo and Kanneltalo. These venues organise shows, exhibitions, courses and arts education according to their own profiles. In the summer, the Espa Stage complements the cultural offering of Helsinki.


Annantalo is an art centre for children, young people and families, dedicated to art education, exhibitions and various performances, events and workshops. Annantalo also plays a role in the national development of art education.


Caisa is an international culture centre in Kaisaniemi. Caisa’s offering focuses on multicultural events and courses aimed at providing intercultural experiences and encounters.


Kanneltalo is a Cultural Centre for Western Helsinki. The P-train from the railway station takes 13 minutes. The offering includes theatre premieres, first public performances and international guest appearances.


Malmitalo is a Cultural Centre for the Northern and North-Eastern parts of Helsinki. Malmitalo’s programme includes a wide range of concerts, exhibitions, films and theatre.

Savoy Theatre

Savou Theatre is an international concert hall and venue at the heart of Helsinki. The Savoy has 750 seats and approximately 200 events a year.


Stoa is a Cultural Centre for East and South-east Helsinki. Stoa specialises in high-quality Finnish and international contemporary dance and contemporary circus performances.


Vuotalo is Helsinki's easternmost cultural centre at the end of the metro line in an urban natural environment. Vuotalo’s programme includes concerts, children’s events, films and theatre, and it also serves as a gallery.

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Other venues

Espa Stage

Helsinki’s liveliest summer venue in Esplanadi Park Free Concerts, dance performances and other cultural events, organised mainly during the summer months.

Harakka Island

Studios for artists and artisans in Harakka Island just off the Kaivopuisto Park in the centre of Helsinki. In the summer, the artists organise exhibitions for the public on the island.