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Art and culture in Helsinki 2030

The Committee’s vision for the City and the City residents in March 2020

Publication available for download by clicking here

The Arts and Culture Vision Committee was tasked with examining the role of arts and culture in the city in the long term, setting objectives for the promotion of arts and culture and presenting measures for achieving them. The committee was also tasked with preparing policies for Helsinki, based on which parties operating in Helsinki, including those unaffiliated with the City, could promote the fulfilment of the vision.

Publication event 18 August 2020

The vision was published and handed over to the City of Helsinki on 18 August 2020 at 13.00 in Cirko - Center for New Circus. The event was broadcasted live on the Helsinki Channel.

At the publication event, the committee, which consists of professionals in arts and culture, handed over their vision of art and culture in Helsinki 2030 to then Mayor Jan Vapaavuori and then Deputy Mayor for Culture and Leisure Nasima Razmyar. At the Event the City Divisions commented on the vision, and the programme also included a discussion inspired by the vision on how art and culture can be at the core of a good life and the development of the City. (For English subtitles press cc-button and choose language.)

Comment the vision

You can comment the vision in Kerro kantasi website:

The Arts and Culture Vision Committee

General Manager Aleksi Malmberg (Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra)

The other members of the Committee

General Director Gita Kadambi (Finnish National Opera and Ballet)
CEO Eeka Mäkynen (Finnish Metal Events Oy)
Professor Elina Knihtilä (Theatre Academy) 
Planner-Teacher Emmi Komlosi (Helsinki Finnish Adult Education Centre)
CEO Sara Norberg (Cinematic) 
Emeritus Director Leif Jakobsson (Svenska Kulturfonden)
Choreographer and Artistic Director Sonya Lindfors (Urbanapa) 
Artist and Doctor of Fine Arts Teemu Mäki (Chair of The Artists' Association of Finland) 
Senior Specialist Veli-Markus Tapio (Finnish Cultural Foundation)
Planning Officer Ulla Laurio (City of Helsinki, Culture and Leisure Division, working group secretary).

In its work, the Committee collaborated with a broad range of experts and city residents and art and culture actors.