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Fault reports on faulty traffic lights and initiatives for new traffic lights More about service:
Fault reports on missing and broken traffic signs and initiatives for the placement of traffic signs. More about service:
Associations and communities can lease land areas from the City for small-scale urban farming. In urban farming, plants are grown in growing containers, in growing beds, in growing bags or on small patches. More about service:
The duties of veterinarians of Urban Environment Division include the protection of Helsinki-based animals, prevention of animal diseases and organising care for stray animals. More about service:
During slippery seasons you will be warned with a SMS. More about service:
Helsinki Region Environmental Services Authority (HSY) organises the collection and transport of municipal waste in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area. More about service:
The Environment Services instructs and monitors companies, operators, and residents in questions regarding waste and waste management. More about service:
It is possible for elderly residents and residents in difficult life situations to receive an exemption from the wastewater treatment requirements presented in the Government Decree on Treating Domestic Wastewater in Areas Outside Sewer Networksdecree. More about service:
The City of Helsinki offers WLAN inlets and outlets in the city centre and in different city-owned buildings, for example public libraries. More about service:
A street, a square or a park can be used as a work area with the city's approval. More about service:

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