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If outdoor sales of foodstuffs (mobile food premises) operations are launched, the operator must make the registration notification defined in section 10 of the Food Act. More about service:
Adherence to parking regulations in Helsinki is controlled by traffic wardens. More about service:
The Urban Environment Division issues permits for construction in public areas: streets, squares and parks. More about service:
When planning to place permanent structures in a street, market square or park area, you must apply for the landowner's permission for the structure. More about service:
Town planning is used to regulate land use and construction. More about service:
Building permit applicants need a building permit map and a report on the owners of neighbouring properties for hearing the neighbours as attachments to the building permit. A plot height notification is part of these building permit map materials. More about service:
Notification of the primary production place or a notification of the transportation of primary production products. More about service:
In the parks and on the streets of Helsinki you find City toilets. More about service:
Helsinki Region Transport (HSL) is responsible for running public transport in an area which encompasses Helsinki, the Helsinki Metropolitan Area as well as Kerava and Kirkkonummi. More about service:
The City environment sector's Food Safety unit monitors the quality of domestic water. A notification can be made of any deviations in quality. More about service:
A real-estate specific wastewater treatment system must fulfil the treatment power requirements set out in the Environmental Protection Act. More about service:
An eService application that enables you to check information about your parking fine and make a rectification request if necessary. More about service:
Check the cleaning plan to find out when you home street will be cleaned and remove yourself away from the plough. Order a SMS-notification to know which locations will be cleaned the next day. More about service:
Renovation and energy-efficiency subsidies are subsidies granted from State funds for renovations of residential buildings and dwellings. More about service:
The City of Helsinki is Finland's biggest rental housing provider. More about service:
The City's land areas can be rented for a variety of temporary and small-scale operations. Such operations include sand silos, circuses and funfairs, minigolf courses, summer theatres, collection boxes, ship berths, newspaper distribution locations, hunting rights and works of spatial art. More about service:
Water areas can be rented for the purpose of operating a restaurant ship or a floating terrace, for example. More about service:
Based on the Health Protection Act, an operator must make a written report, well in advance before starting operations, to the municipal health protection authorities, which in Helsinki is the City environment sector's Environmental Health unit. More about service:
City environment sector's Evironmental protection unit will give advice on who is in charge of extermination of the rats. If you see rats in the parks and on the streets of Helsinki, you can report your sightings directly to the City environment sector's customer service. More about service:
You can renew and pay your parking permit online. More about service:

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