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Interest-subsidized loans are granted for the construction and renovation of rental and right-of-occupancy housing, purchases of rental apartments and rental houses, construction of single-family homes, and renovations in housing-company-owned buildings. More about service:
The Harakka Island off the Kaivopuisto Park shoreline organizes 4-hour-long island adventures free of charge for Helsinki daycare centres from May through September. More about service:
On the Island in front of Kaivopuisto you find Harakan luontokeskus, a nature centre. It organises free 2-3 hours island adventure trips for 4-10 years old children accompanied with adults. More about service:
Job-related housing is bound to employment with the City of Helsinki, and the lease agreements are valid until further notice. The lease for company housing is invoiced.Applications for the City of Helsinki's rental housing will change in the autumn. In future, housing will be applied for with new housing applications, and the current housing applications will expire.All persons wishing to continue to apply for housing must submit a new application. More information: More about service:
Kiosk spots are sales spots intended for selling ice cream, grill products and other food items. More about service:
Litter, items, and waste left in public areas can be reported to the City environment division's customer service. More about service:
The City environment sector's Environmental Health unit is responsible for monitoring the health conditions of beauty salons, tattoo shops, and other similar hygiene premises. More about service:
The City environment sector's Environmental Health unit is responsible for monitoring the health conditions of public spaces, such as daycare centres, schools, educational institutes, and other common areas. More about service:
Nature Information System is an Internet service, which enables visitors to browse the City of Helsinki Environment Centre's map-based nature information on, for example, nature reserves and hundreds of other valuable nature sites. More about service:
Nature conservation in Helsinki is based on the Nature Conservation Act (1996). The main goal of nature conservation in the city is to maintain biodiversity. More about service:
The City of Helsinki leases commercial, office and industrial plots for businesses and entrepreneurs throughout the city. More about service:
A permit is not required for a short-term activity undertaken on an experimental basis when the purpose is to test an emerging technique, raw material or fuel, a manufacturing or incineration method or treatment equipment, or to treat waste at an installation or on a professional basis to investigate the impact, feasibility or other corresponding feature of such an activity. More about service:
Notification of starting the operations of a restaurant, café, shop, kiosk or similar facility and notification of a change of operator when operations are not changed, or the interruption or termination of operations. More about service:
A business operator must notify the City environment sector's Environment services unit in good time before commencing temporary activity or event that will cause extremely disturbing noise or vibration. More about service:
An e-service application, that enables you to submit a notification of temporary noise or vibration caused by measures or events, such as construction projects or public events, when there is reason to expect that the noise or vibration will be especially disturbing. More about service:
You can submit a notification of temporary food product give-aways, sales, preparation or serving at market places or other locations. The notification duty also applies to sales and serving taking place from approved movable food premises. More about service:
In accordance with section 13 of the City of Helsinki's environmental protection regulations, the container possessor or owner must empty, clean and inspect underground oil, fuel or other chemical containers that are removed from use. More about service:
A consumer can see the inspection results of food establishments on the Oiva system and next to the establishment's front door. More about service:
If you want to permanently place an advertising device used for leasing out advertising space to entrepreneurs in a public area, you need to make a lease agreement. More about service:
You need a permit to organize an event on a street, square or park if the event restricts the public use of the area. A permit is required if the event involves bringing marquee tents, tables, chairs, stages, fences or other structures to the area, for example. More about service:

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