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The City environment sector's Environment services collects research data, for example, on water areas, foodstuffs and matters concerning housing health. More about service:
Helsinki Environmental Statistics is an online statistics service, which combines the key variables describing the environmental condition and burden in Helsinki. More about service:
Competent designer must have sufficient studies and experience in equivalent tasks. The Building Control evaluates the eligibility of a designer on a project basis. More about service:
An e-service for making an announcement or filing a license application to the different authorities of Helsinki about events, public happenings and sales and marketing events in Helsinki. More about service:
If you need to do excavation work on a street, on a pedestrian or cycling lane, on a square or in a park, you need to fill out a notification about work in a public area. More about service:
Finnish nature in spring invites everybody to explore its beauty. The cities of the Helsinki Metropolitan Area provide outdoor opportunities for their citizens by organizing guided nature tours. More about service:
A resident can apply for an exemption from connecting to the water and sewer networks. More about service:
Food trucks are registered motor vehicles or carts used for selling food items. They do not have their own, permanent sales spots. More about service:
General surveillance oversees the condition of sites and buildings on the grounds of own observations and written feedback. More about service:
Guaranteed loans can be used to construct regular rental housing but not housing for special groups. More about service:
The Harakka Nature Centre offers visitors encounters with nature, activities, and information on the Baltic Sea, maritime nature and sustainable living. More about service:
Harakka Nature School offered exploration days for schools. More about service:
Hitas housing is owner-occupied housing built on City-owned leased plots. The resale of Hitas housing is controlled by the City. More about service:
City environment sector's Environmental Health unit is responsible for the monitoring, guidance, and expert operations of housing health in accordance with the Health Protection Act. More about service:
Before you import an animal to Finland or take an animal abroad, find out which vaccinations, medications and documents or other requirements apply to your case. More about service:
In-house control means statutory control, which is systematic, continuous and performed by the food industry companies themselves. More about service:
Plots without builders (reservations) are transferred to the indefinite plot application process and become available to all interested parties. More about service:
The Indoor pests website helps you identify pests and provides information on how to exterminate insects. More about service:
Information on food issues and food premises - restaurants, food stuffs, quality of drinking water More about service:
The drawings of leased City plots are inspected before the building permitting process. More about service:

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