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Rug washing place

In Helsinki you can wash rugs outdoors both at the beach and on dry land. From the beginning of 2015 the washing docks by the sea have gone under the responsibility of Public Works Department from the Helsinki Harbour.

The first and for now only dry land place to wash rugs in Helsinki is located in Pukinmäki. This washing place is situated close to Vantaanjoki and the dirt waters go straight to the sewage system not causing pollution or eutrophication of the waters.

At the rug washing place in Pukinmäki there are 16 narrow washbasins (width 120cm) and four bigger washbasins (widht 270cm). The water for washing comes from a sink and pours over the rug with the whole width of the basin. The drying mangle and stands can be found at the washing place.

Since the strands of the Vantaajoki are even, it is easy for people of all ages, even physically disabled to approach the rug washing place.

Next to the place there is a small area with a table where you can enjoy a snack and hang out. Furthermore, you also find a parking area, mainly used by the farmers.

The rug washing place is located in the park close to the strand in Pukinmäki, nearby the Tapaninvainiontie roundabout and Pukinmäenkaari.

The washing place in Pukinmäki is open from the beginning of May until mid September from 7 a.m to 9 p.m.

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