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Resident parking

Resident parking permits make it possible for you to park affordably in your residential area's designated parking spaces. Resident parking permits are only used in the inner city.

A resident parking permit allows you to park in your residential area's designated parking spaces for a set monthly fee. Owning a resident parking permit does not guarantee that a designated parking space will always be open to you, however. The permit costs €15 or €30 per month, depending on the area you live. Low-emission vehicles receive a 50 per cent discount on parking permit fees.

You can get a resident parking permit if you:
- live in a resident parking zone
- have a driving licence
- are listed as the owner or holder of a car, van, motorcycle or motorised quadricycle in Traficom's vehicle register.

You can also secure a resident parking permit for a rental vehicle. The permit is valid for the duration of your rental agreement. The vehicle must be rented from a company that operates in the rental car industry in order to be eligible.

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