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Climate-smart Helsinki

Helsinki and its residents value nature and the environment. In fact, about 40% of the land area in Helsinki consists of various green spaces. The city has retained a great deal of its original nature and boasts a large number of recreational areas in proportion to the number of residents.

Helsinki takes its responsibility for preventing climate change seriously and has an ambitious climate plan of reaching carbon neutrality by 2035. The energy efficiency standards of Helsinki are higher than the national minimum level. Helsinki aims to optimally combine renewable energy and energy efficiency both in individual buildings and regionally.

Presentation packages

View from Viikinmäki residental area. Photo: Helsinki Urban Environment,  Anu Hämäläinen.

1. Carbon neutral Helsinki: Our expert explains how Helsinki will be made carbon neutral by 2035 and the means required to reach that goal.

2. Sustainable city planning: Our expert describes how emissions can be reduced through climate smart urban planning process. Emissions caused by traffic and energy sector are the biggest sources of climate emissions in Helsinki and they both must be lowered radically on the way to carbon neutral future.   

3. Green Helsinki: Our expert talks about the city’s green areas such as woodlands and parks and the plans concerning them.

Visitation sites

1. Viikki Environment House: An office building with the lowest energy consumption level in Finland. Guided tour 1 h. Address: Viikinkaari 2. (until 18th June)

2. Eco-Viikki: Viikki is a district of approximately 12,000 residents and more than 4,000 jobs north of the Vanhankaupunginselkä bay. The Helsinki Business and Science Park, built around the university campus, serves as the heart of the district. The Eco-Viikki in the southern part of the district functions as a development zone for ecological construction. Guided tour 1 h. The tour starts at Viikki Environment House, Viikinkaari 2.

3. Kuninkaantammi and Honkasuo: Kuninkaantammi is a cosy, climate-smart district housing 5,500 residents. It is an optimal district for avid walkers; the blocks, streets and parks are designed to be both pleasant and functional, with the Central Park and Vantaa river valley nearby. Kuninkaantammi emphasises ecologically sustainable solutions and the atmosphere of a community. Some of the blocks will be constructed as wooden apartment buildings. The centre of the area will feature a well and urban gardening plots. Honkasuo is the largest new timber construction area in Helsinki, an urban village of wooden houses. By the mid-2020s, the previous forest and field area of Honkasuo will be transformed into a green city village with wooden homes for 2,000 residents. Guided tour 2.5 h.