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A city of sustainable transport

Helsinki always plans traffic investments and land use together; traffic investments ensure the functionality of the entire traffic system. The share of sustainable modes of transport, such as pedestrian and bicycle traffic, will be increased while developing all the modes of transport. The implementation planning of the city plan will start with the Vihdintie boulevard as urban boulevards are part of the sustainable transport strategy.

Traffic emissions will be reduced throughout the Helsinki traffic system by promoting cycling and walking as well as by increasing the share of electric cars, electric buses and public railway transport. The Crown Bridges, the Helsinki-Tallinn tunnel and electronic parking solutions are examples of the inspiring major development projects in sustainable transport.

Street maintenance – sustainable solutions and functionality year-round

Street maintenance includes, among other things, ploughing, antiskid measures, street cleaning and the repair of pavements and traffic signs. The street upkeep in Helsinki is organised by the city which plans, orders and monitors most of the snow clearing under its responsibility. The city’s internal service provider Stara performs snow clearing alongside private contractors.

Street upkeep has been developed in Helsinki with sustainable, health-promoting solutions. The challenging, snowy winters in the early 2010s spurred the development of the city’s snow-how in order to guarantee the city’s functionality. The streets are very dusty in the springtime. To prevent dust, the city collects the gravel from the roads, cycle paths and sidewalks after the winter. To enable fluent year-round cycling, the city has laid out testing routes.

Presentation packages

Isonisänsilta Bridge in Kalasatama. Photo: Helsinki Marketing

1. Sustainable transport in Helsinki: Our expert tells you how the publib transport network of the future is being developed in Helsinki. The lecture contains key projects related to rail and cycle traffic. Lecture duration: 1h.

2. Street maintenance: Our expert explains how the streets are maintained during snowy winters and how the goal of sustainable transport is implemented even in the harsh Nordic conditions with various sustainable solutions (e.g. brush salting). Presentation 1 h.

Visitation sites

1. From harbour tracks to cycle paths: Our expert explains how a network of cycle paths was made in Helsinki and how it is being developed year-round. Presentation/guided tour 1 h.