Heka's house in Kalasatama

New Heka homes will be completed in Kalasatama in February 2022 - apply now

New apartments in Kalasatama in Capellan puistotie 24 can be applied 18.11. – 1.12.2021.

Capellan puistotie 24 has 88 apartments; the house has six-seven floors and three corridors. The apartments have 1—5 rooms and a kitchen. Almost half of all the new homes are two room apartments (one bedroom and one living room). All the apartments have a glassed-in balcony and laminated floors.

Capellan puistotie 24 is located next to Kalasatama metro station, Redi shopping centre and close to Mustikkamaa recreation area.

More information in Heka's website

From now on, Heka will publish the detailed information of new buildings on its website.

Our website will inform you about the application times for Heka's new buildings and the new properties for the coming years. You can also apply for an apartment in the buildings through the pages of the rental apartment search.

How to apply for apartments in Capellan puistotie: 

Read the instructions how to apply for an Ara apartment

Fill out an Ara rental apartment application


Specify the details of the apartment to be searched in the first page of the application. In Capellan puistotie 24 the details are: 

  • Area Kantakaupunki
  • Residential area Kalasatama
  • Type of building: Apartment
  • Apartment type
  • Min m2 – Max m2
  • Maximum rent € / month

Then click ‘Search for free apartments’ and the application shows matching apartments according to the details you have specified.

Updated 18.11.2021: instructions added