Auroranlinna's house in Pihkatie 6

Apply for newly renovated Auroranlinna’s apartments in Malminkartano

You can now apply for newly renovated Auroranlinna’s apartments in Pihkatie 6 in Malminkartano. The available apartments have kitchen and two, three or four bedrooms and will be available 16.8.2021. Rents vary between 795 € - 1345 €.

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The apartments are completely renovated. All the apartments a glazed balcony. The house does not have an elevator.

All the apartments in Pihkatie 6 are non-subsidised rental apartments. Therefore, urgency levels or wealth limits are not applied to the resident selection. We offer non-subsidised housing for applicants with a sound credit rating and regular income sufficient for paying the rent.

Pihkatie 6 is a non-smoking property, so it is forbidden to smoke in the yard, inside the apartments as well as on the balcony.

The apartments are located close to Malminkartano train station.