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A new application for job-related housing, non-subsidised apartments and short-term apartments can now be submitted

All the housing applications will change this autumn and all applicants must submit a new application. A new application can be submitted for job-related housing, non-subsidised apartments and short-term apartments. We have also re-launched our e-services of Rental Apartment Search. Therefore you can now view, update and confirm your applications.

Apply for job-related housing

Apply for non-subsidised apartments

Apply for short-term apartments

Rental apartment search service

If you are applying for non-subsidised or short-term apartment, you and your possible accompanying applicant need to authenticate yourself with your online banking credentials or mobile certificate after completing the application. After authentication, you need to confirm the housing application in order for the application to be valid and included in the tenant selection.

If you are applying for job-related housing, only you need to authenticate yourself.

If you do not have online banking credentials or a mobile certificate, you can authenticate yourself after submitting your application by visiting the Rental Apartment Search customer service at Työpajankatu 8 and proving your identity with an official identity card (driving license, passport or identity card).

Please note that the service may be congested when new housing applications are opened. There is no hurry to fill in the new application; you can very well continue your home search for a while with the old application. All the old applications will expire on 18 November 2021.

All the housing applications will move away from asiointi.hel.fi and will be valid until 18 November 2021. Housing applications submitted by the applicant are stored in the client folder, where the applications can be viewed until 18 November 2021.