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How to make changes to your application

You can edit your housing application in your e-services folder in which your application is saved.

  1. Log in by clicking the ‘Log in to the service’ link in the top bar of this page.
  2. Open your folder, find the housing application you want to make changes to and click the ‘Update’ button.
  3. Go over your application details in the tabs and make updates.
  4. Be sure to submit your application through the summary page.

After updating your application, its period of validity is extended by another three months. If you add new apartments to your application, for example, in connection with new building resident selection, your application is updated and its validity is extended by three months.

An expired or withdrawn application cannot be updated or renewed. If you would like to continue to apply for housing, please submit a new application.

Our housing advisers cannot make changes to your housing application.

15.01.2021 14:04