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Frequently asked questions

1. Who can apply for job-related housing?

    This type of housing we offer is bound to employment with the City of Helsinki, and both permanent and fixed-term employees can apply. However, at least 50% of full-time working hours is required. Housing for employees of city of Helsinki is offered to employees of all of the City of Helsinki’s divisions, central administration and enterprises. Only HKL and Helsinki Service Centre provide their job-related themselves, and their employees may ask the employer’s HR unit for information on job-related housing. Job-related housing is offered in the specified order of priority.

2. I will be working for the City of Helsinki as a summer employee. Can I apply for job-related housing?

    Yes, you can. Summer employees apply for housing along with all other applicants by completing the job-related housing application in the normal manner. If you are a summer employee, select “summer job” as the type of employment relationship in the application.

3. For how long can you live in a job-related housing?

    The lease agreement made for job-related housing is valid until further notice and is bound to an employment relationship with the City of Helsinki. You can contact the Facility Services’ Rental Apartments unit directly concerning issues related to the lease (e-mail: ).

4. How are the tenants selected?

    Tenant selection for company housing follows the principles of employment relationship housing confirmed by the City Board. Checks relating to the prioritisation of fields with labour shortages are made every three months based on information produced by the divisions and enterprises. Employees in specified fields with labour shortages who are moving in from outside the Helsinki Metropolitan Area or who are at risk of becoming homeless come first in the order of priority. If there are no such applicants for the apartment, the selection is made from among employees in specified fields with labour shortages who are already living in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area or need to switch apartments. If a tenant cannot be found even on this basis, the tenant is selected from among the rest of the applicants, giving priority to those who are at risk of becoming homeless. Link to the principles of tenant selection It is impossible to estimate how long you will need to wait for housing, because it depends on the number of apartments becoming available as well as the number of applicants for each apartment. Each apartment is offered to one applicant at a time. The housing offer is sent to the selected applicant by e-mail and text message.

5. What should I do after I get a housing offer?

After getting a housing offer, you have three (3) weekdays to contact the lessor (Premises Services) in order to agree on an apartment showing and signing the lease agreement. At the apartment showing you need to be prepared to show your employment contract or other statement of the start of the employment.

After the apartment showing, you must notify Premises Services as soon as possible on whether you accept the apartment or not. The lease agreement always enters into force after ten (10) weekdays from the housing offer at the latest.

6. I want to switch job-related housing. What should I do?

    When living in job-related housing, you can apply for a different apartment along with all other applicants. You must have a justified reason for switching apartments, such as a health-related, financial or family-related reason. In the tenant selection, priority is given to employees in specified fields with labour shortages who do not yet have a job-related housing, and employees in fields with labour shortages who want to switch apartments are in the second priority category. You can apply to switch apartments when you have lived in your current job-related housing for at least a year.

7. When is the tenant selection made?

    When a job-related housing apartment becomes available for application on the list of apartments, it has usually been renovated and is ready for moving in. You can apply for housing on an apartment-specific basis, and the average time that each apartment is available for application varies from a few days to slightly over a week. The tenant selection is made as soon as possible after there have been applications for the apartment.

8. Can I get an apartment if I am not on the list of prioritised job titles?

    Possibly. If there are no applicants with job titles in the fields with labour shortages, the tenant is selected from among all the employees of the city who have applied for the apartment.

9. I have an urgent need for housing. Why haven't I received a housing yet?

    In the tenant selection for job-related housing, priority is given to applicants who are moving to the Helsinki Metropolitan Area or are at risk of becoming homeless. We recommend that applicants focus their applications on as many locations or in as wide an area as possible. If applicants are only looking for housing in the inner city or in a few areas, we may not be able to offer them job-related housing in the desired time. We recommend that applicants also apply for other rental apartments and also submit an application for ARA rental apartments and non-subsidised apartments.

10. I want to update my application. What should I do?

    You can add apartments to your active housing application from the apartment list by choosing new apartments and signing in to the E-services. Updating your application is also done in the E-services.

11. I turned down an offer for job-related housing can I get a new housing offer?

    If the apartment offered meets the criteria specified in the application and the applicant has no justified reason for turning down the offer, the applicant will not be given priority in subsequent tenant selections and may not necessarily receive a new housing offer. Justified reasons include a change in the applicant’s situation in life or cases in which the properties of the apartment are not as promised, including the lack of a lift or a non-accessible apartment.

12. How do I terminate a lease agreement? What is my period of notice?

    You can give notice by e-mail (, after which the Premises Services will contact you. If you are not sure about your period of notice, you can contact the Premises Services.

13. Can I rent a furnished apartment or a room in a shared apartment?

    There are some furnished rooms in shared housing in Etu- and Taka-Töölö. You can check the apartment list to see if there are any rooms available at the moment (see "soluhuone" in front of the address).

14. How do I report defects or repair needs in job-related housing?

    The Premises Services answers any questions you may have while living in the apartment. Tenants can report faults and repair needs by e-mail at or by calling the number +358 50 324 6292.

15. I have a bad credit rating. Does this affect my chances of getting a housing offer?

    Maybe. Rental debt and other housing-related debts to the City of Helsinki may prevent you from receiving a housing offer in company housing. Concerning rental debt and other housing-related debt, a statement from the lessor on debts paid or receipts of the completely paid debt must be submitted after receiving a housing offer. If a person doesn’t submit such statement or receipts within three (3) days of getting a housing offer, the apartment will be offered to the next applicant. We will not be able to make another housing offer before getting sufficient proof of completely paid debts. Reasons for a bad credit rating other than rental debts and other housing-related debts to the City of Helsinki do not prevent an applicant from getting a housing offer. We check the credit rating of all applicants who are of age from the credit rating register of Suomen Asiakastieto Oy before making a housing offer. You can check your own credit rating for free once per year through Suomen Asiakastieto Oy or Bisnode.

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