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Apply for job-related housing

ikoni liittyen asunnonhaun ohjeisiin

Read the selection criteria and get to know the apartments and residential areas

To get started, go over the available apartments for the employees of City of Helsinki. We also recommend you to check out the selection criteria and the frequently asked questions. We also recommend that you familiarise yourself with different residential areas in advance.

Job-related housing is offered to employees of all of the City of Helsinki’s divisions, central administration and enterprises (excluding HKL and Helsinki Service Centre, which provide their company housing themselves).

ikoni liittyen asunnonhaun ohjeisiin
2. Submit your housing application

Apply for a job-related apartment and submit a housing application

Leave your housing application using a strong authentication with online bank credentials or mobile certificate.

You can select several apartments that you find interesting on your non-subsidised housing application, and you can also add apartments and make other changes to your application at a later date.

The application is valid for three (3) months after it was submitted or since changes were made.

Please remember:

  • Specify your job title and the unit where you will be working or are already working as clearly as possible in the application.
  • To tell more about your need for housing in the “Further information” field, particularly if you
    • are a shift worker  
    • are homeless/at risk of becoming homeless 
    • want to switch company-owned apartments for health-related/financial/family-related reasons  
  • Be prepared to prove your employment relationship by bringing your employment contract or other corresponding certificate with you to the showing of the apartment.

You can also apply for other rental apartments owned by the city

We recommend that those employees of the city who are in need for housing also apply for Ara housing and non-subsidised housing.

ikoni liittyen asunnonhaun ohjeisiin
3. Make changes to your application or withdraw it, if necessary 

If your situation or requests change, you can add new apartments and edit your application in your e-services folder. After editing, your application is valid for another three months.

You can withdraw your application in your e-services folder. The withdrawal takes effect immediately.  

ikoni liittyen asunnonhaun ohjeisiin
4. Accepting a housing offer 

If you are selected as a resident, you will receive a housing offer by e-mail and SMS. 

Viewing the apartment and signing a lease agreement 

With the housing offer, you will receive the landlord’s contact information so that you can arrange for viewing the apartment and signing a lease agreement. You have three (3) weekdays to learn more about the apartment and decide whether to accept it or not. The lease agreement always enters into force after ten (10) weekdays from the housing offer at the latest.

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