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Non-subsidised housing

The City of Helsinki owns approximately 7,500 non-subsidised apartments. The selection of residents for these apartments is not regulated by law and no urgency levels or wealth limits apply. We provide approximately 500 non-subsidised apartments on an annual basis. 

Some of the non-subsidised apartments are rented employees of City of Helsinki or as service apartments, while others are rented out to people in need of a residence with rent that follows market prices.

Non-subsidised apartments are located in different parts of Helsinki. They are usually individual apartments in regular housing companies. The rents of the apartments follow market process and are therefore slightly higher than those of Ara (state-subsidised) rental apartments. 

Two property companies own the city’s non-subsidised apartments: Asuntohankinta and Kiinteistö Auroranlinna. In addition, the City of Helsinki owns apartments, for example, in price-regulated Hitas buildings. The City of Helsinki requires that tenants have a valid home insurance policy throughout the tenancy. 

Helsinki residential areas 

What are Helsinki’s residential areas like? Where would you like to live? There are dozens of different neighbourhoods in Helsinki, see which area and its services would suit you best.

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