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Changing apartments

Your life situation and needs may change while you are living in your apartment. The way in which you can change apartments depends on the form of renting:

You live in an Ara apartment

You can apply for changing apartments by filling out an Ara rental apartment application or do it through an apartment swap. For an apartment swap, you need to find an exchange partner on your own initiative via Asunnonvaihtopörssi, for example. You can apply for changing apartments when you have lived in your current Ara rental apartment as the main tenant for at least a year.

You live in an apartment for the employees of the City of Helsinki

You can apply for apartment change by filling a application for job-related housing. You must have a justified reason for changing apartments. You can change apartment when you have lived in company housing for at least one year.

You live in a non-subsidised apartment

 You can apply for a new apartment on an apartment-specific basis from among the available apartments in Vuokraovi.

08.12.2021 09:18