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Selection criteria

Residents are selected based on their need for housing and the search criteria, not a queueing system. The resident selection principles are based in Finnish law. The selection criteria include need for housing, wealth and income.

Priority is given to the homeless and other applicants of limited means and low income who have the most urgent situation. When selecting residents, we also pay attention to maintaining a varied resident structure in the building and a healthy social balance in the residential area. You can view the resident selection by urgency level in the monthly statistics (PDF in Finnish).

Urgency levels

Our application system defines your application’s urgency level based on the information you have provided. You can view your urgency level in the e-services folder once you have submitted your application. Unless your need for housing is extremely urgent, your chances of getting an apartment are unfortunately very low. At present, 80 per cent of those who have received an apartment have had an extremely urgent need.  

Extremely urgent (AT1), for example: 

  • Homeless individuals or people still living with relatives or friends 
  • Employees in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area with no home
  • Renters with a fixed-term or terminated lease agreement 
  • Adults still living with their parents 
  • People subletting a home

Urgent (AT2), for example: 

  • Current apartment is too small (more than 1 person per room) 
  • Excessive housing costs (more than 40 per cent of a household’s gross income is currently being spent on housing, as defined in EU statistics on income and living conditions) 

In need of housing (AT3), for example: 

  • Desire to move is due to the current apartment’s equipment level, location, etc. 

Wealth limits

Wealth limits are applied to resident selections. If your assets exceed the valid limits, we cannot offer you housing.

Number of people

Wealth limit 1 January–30 June 2022


EUR 105,000


EUR 129,000


EUR 201,000


EUR 206,000


EUR 211,000

Assets the applicant has disposed of, sold or donated during the year preceding the application will be included when calculating the applicant’s wealth. Earned income is not counted as wealth.

Wealth refers to, for example, housing company shares, property, funds, securities and other assets. When defining wealth, the household’s liabilities on the assets, such as the remaining mortgage, are considered.

If the applicant is relocating to the Helsinki Metropolitan Area from another part of Finland for work, owner-occupied housing will not be counted as wealth, if the housing is located more than 80 km away from Helsinki and the applicant currently resides in that home. Housing owned by the applicant as an investment is always counted when assessing wealth. The restriction is based on the Act on Public Employment and Corporate Services (916/2012), Section 9 of which extends a person’s employment area to cover the distance of 80 kilometres from his/her actual place of residence. 

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