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Apply for an Ara apartment

You can submit a new application for Ara apartment. More detailed instructions coming soon. Instructions below apply for the old housing application.

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1. Read the instructions and selection criteria and get to know the residential areas

To get started, go over the instructions on this page, read the selection criteria and check out the frequently asked questions. We also recommend that you familiarise yourself with different apartments and residential areas in advance.

All residents are selected based on the information provided on the applications. This means that Ara apartments are not provided based on a queueing system.

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2. Submit your application via e-services


Submit your housing applications using a strong authentication with online bank credentials or mobile certificate.

Once we have received your application, you will get an e-mail confirmation stating that your information has been saved in our applicant register. After this, you can wait for an apartment to become vacant. The e-service will also indicate the urgency level assigned to your application. The application is valid for three (3) months.

Note! Each applicant can only have one active Ara apartment application at a time. If you fill in a new application, it will replace your previous application. Children attached to the application may be included in more than one housing application at a time.

Do you want to submit a housing application without strong authentication?

You can also submit a housing application without strong authentication identification. In this case, you will not be able to make changes to your application once you have submitted it. If your situation changes, you will need to submit a new application.

Submit a housing application (without strong authentication)

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3. Make changes to your application or withdraw it, if necessary​

If your situation or requests change, you can edit your application in your e-services folder. Our housing advisers are not able to make changes to electronic applications. After editing, your application is valid for another three months.

Additional information about editing your application.

You can withdraw your application in your e-services folder. The withdrawal takes effect immediately. ​

Have you submitted a housing application without strong authentication?

If you submitted your application without strong identification, you will not be able to make changes to your application once you have submitted it. If your situation changes, you will need to submit a new application.

The time your application has spent in our system does not affect your chance of receiving a housing offer, so feel free to submit a new application at any time.

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4. Wait for a possible housing offer and edit your application, if necessary​

Once you have submitted your application, please wait for a possible housing offer. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide additional information about the progress of your application because the apartments are not assigned according to a queue, as each decision focuses on finding the most suitable applicant. Receiving a housing offer may take some time, so we ask you to please be patient. Estimating the waiting time is impossible, as it depends on the number of vacant apartments, type of apartment, location and your requests. 

Unless your need for housing is extremely urgent, your chances of getting an apartment are very low. We cannot guarantee you will receive an apartment, so please also apply for housing from other property owners. Affordable Ara apartments are also available, for example, from companies such as M2-Kodit and A-Kruunu.

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5. Accepting a housing offer and submitting your attachments

If you receive a housing offer, you will first receive a preliminary housing offer by e-mail and SMS. The offer includes instructions on how to submit attachments. ​

Examples of attachments requested in association with a housing offer: ​

  • Pre-completed tax return form from your latest tax period
  • Payroll statement or other certificate of monthly income regarding taxable income
  • Certificate of student status​
  • An account of the value of property and the debts of the applicant’s household
  • Either a residence permit for at least 12 months or a certificate of registration
  • Certificate of pregnancy​

In case of a divorce: ​

  • Certificate of the pending divorce process
  • Prenuptial agreement, property settlement agreement or own statement regarding assets during the marriage
  • An agreement regarding the guardianship and living arrangements of children (under the age of 15)

Viewing the apartment and signing a lease agreement

After submitting the attachments, you will receive a confirmed housing offer and the contact information of your regional office so that you can agree on viewing the apartment and signing the lease agreement. You have three (3) weekdays to learn more about the apartment and decide whether to accept it or not. ​

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