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Apply for a short-term apartment

Please note, there are currently no short-term apartments available and the application cannot be filled. We will inform you in the news when short-term housing is available again.

ikoni liittyen asunnonhaun ohjeisiin

1. Explore the terms and conditions and apartments

Our short-term apartments are intended for those who need to live away from their homes for a few months due to, for example, a plumbing renovation, work assignment or practical training. Short-term lease agreements vary in length between two and seven months and usually expire at the end of the month. 

The applicants must justify their need for short-term housing in their applications and prove it with attachments after they have received a housing offer. Short-term apartments are rented with the condition that the applicant must have a permanent residence to return to or move into after the short-term rental period expires. 

We only select applicants who have a regular income and sound credit rating as residents.  

Apply for short-term housing through the Vuokraovi website. Start your search by exploring the apartments available at Oikotie. We also recommend that you familiarise yourself with frequently asked questions in advance. 

ikoni liittyen asunnonhaun ohjeisiin

2. Fill out an application

Once you have selected the apartment you want to apply for from Oikotie, leave the information of the selected apartment in the browser or take up the information of the apartment (address, area and rent). You will need the information of the apartment when completing the application.

Fill out an application for short-term apartment. You can apply for more than one apartment at a time. We recommend adding a personal email address that only you use to your application.

Please state in the additional information precisely the period for which you need housing. The time of your housing need should match the rental periods of the apartments you have added to your application.

After submitting your application, you (and a possible accompanying applicant) will receive an email confirming receipt of the application. Please note that you (and your possible accompanying applicant) must verify the application through strong authentication with online bank identifiers or a mobile certificate so that your application will be included in the tenant selection process.

If you (or your possible accompanying applicant) are unable to verify your identity electronically, you can do so by visiting the rental apartment search customer service and verifying your identity using an official personal identity document (driving licence, passport or personal ID card). You will need a personal email address for verification and registration to be able to verify your identity at the customer service.

Once you have verified your application, it will be included in the tenant selection process. The application is valid for three (3) months. If you amend your application or submit a new one, it will replace your previous application.

  ikoni liittyen asunnonhaun ohjeisiin

3. Make changes to your application or withdraw it, if necessary 

If your situation or your preferences change, you can modify your application via the rental apartment search service. Please note that only you can modify the details in your application, not our housing advisers.

After being modified, your application will be valid for another three months. If your application has expired, you can submit a new application.

Read more about modifying your application

 ikoni liittyen asunnonhaun ohjeisiin

 4. Accepting a housing offer 

If you are selected as a resident, you will receive a housing offer by e-mail and SMS. After receiving a housing offer, the applicant must submit as an attachment proof of their need for short-term housing and its duration. The housing offer will include instructions on how to submit attachments.  

Examples of requested attachments:  

  • Applicants in need of housing for the duration of a plumbing renovation are asked to submit proof of the renovation schedule. 
  • Applicants arriving in Helsinki for practical training are asked to submit a work contract or other certificate specifying the duration of the employment. 
  • Applicants waiting for an apartment to be finished/become vacant are asked to submit a sales contract specifying the date on which the apartment becomes available.

When necessary, we ask applicants to provide us with a residence permit for at least 12 months or a certificate of registration.  

Viewing the apartment and signing a fixed-term lease agreement 

With the housing offer, you will receive the landlord’s contact information so that you can arrange for viewing the apartment and signing a fixed-term lease agreement. You have three (3) weekdays to learn more about the apartment and decide whether to accept it or not. 

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