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Edit your application

You can edit your apartment application via the rental apartment search service. The applications for an Ara apartment, an Ara apartment swap, a non-subsidiary apartment or a short-term apartment can be modified in the same way. If you apply for an apartment with a co-applicant, either applicant can modify the application.

  1. Log
    into the rental apartment search service
  2. Select the apartment application that you wish to modify
  3. Select 'Edit application' (Siirry muokkaamaan hakemusta) at the end of the application summary
  4. Review the application details and make the necessary changes
  5. Check your details on the summary page and submit the application
  6. For the application to be included in the tenant selection process, you need to verify it through electronic authentication or by logging into the service again. Your co-applicant must also verify the application.

Whenever you modify your application, its period of validity will be extended by three months. If you add more apartments to your application, for example, in connection with a newbuild housing search, the application will be updated and will be valid for another three months from the date of updating the application.

Please note that our housing advisers cannot edit your application; only you can amend your application. An expired or withdrawn application cannot be updated or renewed. If your application is no longer valid and you want to continue applying for housing, please submit a new application.

01.11.2021 11:26