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After you have submitted your application

There are many applicants, so unfortunately not all applicants will receive an apartment. The aim is to provide housing to applicants with the most critical need. Our system tends to have more than 25,000 active applications at all times, and we are only able to provide 3,000-4,000 apartments annually. Repeatedly contacting our advisors will not speed up your access to housing. 

Please remember:

  • Update your application, if any information on the application changes. 
  • Carefully consider which residential areas you wish to add to your application. You can only receive a housing offer from the areas you have listed on your application. If there are only a few homes vacant in the areas you select, your chances of receiving a housing offer are small. Your chances will improve if you select many areas, but please make sure you are ready to relocate to all the areas you have selected.
  • Not all of our apartments have lifts or balconies. If you have selected one or both as equipment requirements, your application will not be included when selecting residents for apartments without these features. Therefore, the request of having a lift or a balcony will reduce your chances of receiving a housing offer.

We cannot guarantee you will receive an apartment, so please also apply for housing from other landlords. Affordable Ara apartments in Helsinki are available for example from companies such as M2-Kodit and A-Kruunu. Check out the complete list of housing companies (PDF).

Regarding applications of non-subsidised and short-term housing, you can keep an eye on the list of available apartments in Vuokraovi and add any suitable apartments you find to your application. Also remember to update your application if your situation changes. 

11.02.2021 15:08