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Adult education centres

Helsinki Finnish Adult Education Centre and Arbis are the biggest adult education centres in Finland. The education centres offer a diverse selection of courses, hobbies, public lectures, concerts, theatre activities, events and open university studies. See the course and programme selection at

The Helsinki Finnish Adult Education Centre Upper is part of the upper secondary, vocational and liberal adult education service complex. Arbis is part of Services in Swedish.

The adult education centre activities are primarily intended for over 16-year-olds. Courses are also available for younger people and families. The centres are open for all customers regardless of their place of residence. Arbis activities are also open to customers who do not speak Swedish as their mother tongue – a hobby at Arbis will improve your Swedish. 

The Helsinki Finnish Adult Education Centre has 11 offices in different parts of Helsinki. Operations are also organised in school facilities. Arbis has offices on Dagmarinkatu Street and at Stoa. Teaching takes place in the mornings, daytime and evenings and ranges from short-term and weekend courses to courses that continue for a whole term. All our teachers are professionals in their field.

Our courses are moderately priced. Unemployed customers and specific special groups are entitled to apply for discounts on fees.

Over 80,000 students attend approximately 4,800 different courses at the Helsinki Finnish Adult Education Centre annually. Nearly 18,000 people annually participate on the approximately 900 courses organised by Arbis.

We would like to invite you to discover a new hobby!