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Contact information and feedback

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Switchboard: +358 9 310 8600 (Mon–Fri 8am–4pm)
Information services (Mon–Fri 10 am–12 noon and 1–3 pm)

+358 9 310 44986 day care, playgrounds, comprehensive schools, upper secondary schools, vocational education
+358 9 310 88610 Helsinki Finnish Adult Education Centre
+358 9 310 49494 Helsinki Swedish Adult Education Centre Arbis

Daycare and Education Guidance Service for Foreign Families

Walk-in guidance service for families two times a week on daycare, education and playground services. Service is available in Finnish and in English. In addition service is available in Arabic every Thursday.

Tuesday 10-13 African Care (Meri-Rastilan kuja 2B)

Thursday 14-17 Malmitalo (Ala-Malmin tori 1)

In addition to our Information Services, we have a phone and email guidance service for foreign families. The phone service is open on Mondays at 14-17 and Wednesdays at 9-11 and 14-17.

Contact: phone 09 310 33444, email:

Guidance on English medium services

Education coordinator Anni Holopainen, phone +358 9 310 27922

Daycare centres
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International relations

Attention! Due to coronavirus we are cancelling international visits until December 2020.

Before contacting us please note that the division does not coordinate activities such as job shadowing. Those interested in job shadowing or partnerships with schools are encouraged to search for a suitable partner on platforms such as eTwinning and School Education Gateway.

All school site visits and media visits from abroad are coordinated by the division; centres are not to be contacted directly.

International relations
Head of international relations Hanna Björkman
tel. + 358 9 310 82610

International and media visits
Planner of international affairs Marika Lahti
tel. + 358 9 310 82611 

Archives (copies of comprehensive and upper secondary school diplomas)
tel. +358 9 310 86346, +358 9 310 86638

To order copies of diplomas, please submit the relevant form (under Other forms) or see City of Helsinki eServices (under Teaching and education) 

Registry of the City of Helsinki
tel. +358 9 310 13700
Pohjoisesplanadi 11–13, Helsinki 17

Email addresses
email address for the Education Division:
email addresses use the format