13 ways to combat bullying

ABP13 is an anti-bullying programme that consists of 13 ways to prevent and address bullying. It is a toolkit for preventing, intervening in and following up on bullying. The purpose of the programme is to help identify bullying and teach how to react to it appropriately. The aim is to make the anti-bullying programme a city-wide practice.

13 measures

A toolkit for schools for preventing and addressing bullying.

Target group

ABP13 is aimed at young people, guardians and school staff.

Media bank

The programme’s communications and marketing materials.


The programme is being implemented in collaboration with numerous parties.

Why was the programme created?

Bullying is a regrettably common phenomenon.


The Education Division’s Education Committee approved the programme in August 2019, and a programme launch event was held in October 2019 at Jätkäsaari Comprehensive School.