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Council on Disability

The Council on Disability is an advisory co-operation body for disabled persons, different organisations of people with disabilities and representatives of the municipality. It secures the opportunity for people with disabilities to participate and exert an influence. In the Council, representatives of different disability groups from organisations of people with disabilities, the City's public professionals and elected officials discuss matters concerning the disabled inhabitants of the municipality, and work together to find working solutions to an accessible and more equal society.

The Council on Disability is a permanent co-operation body for the City of Helsinki's and Helsinki-based organisations and communities of people with disabilities. The Council on Disability takes initiatives and makes statements concerning the planning, preparation and follow-up of matters of importance to the well-being, health, inclusion, living environment, housing or mobility of people with disabilities or to their coping with daily activities, or in terms of the services they need.

The Council on Disability is appointed by the City Board and it consists of five City elected officials and representatives of ten Helsinki-based organisations of people with disabilities. Permanent professional representatives of the City's divisions have also been nominated to the Council. The Council on Disability's work is prepared and implemented by an expert secretary. The Council convenes about eight times a year.

The Council has a long history: Helsinki's first Council on Disability was appointed in 1982.  Work of the Council on Disability is based on the Local Government Act.

Contact Council on Disability

Justus Mollberg
Tel.+358(0)40 5926111

Expert secretary
Disability ombudsman for City of Helsinki Tiina Lappalainen
Tel. +358(0)9 31036086, +358 40 1845 063

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