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Elderly Citizens Council

The Elderly Citizens Council, appointed by the City Board, consists of five City elected officials and representatives of eight Helsinki-based organisations for elderly people.  Representatives of the City's divisions have been appointed to the Council. The Elderly Citizens Council's work is prepared and implemented by an expert secretary.

The Elderly Citizens Council aims to ensure the elderly population's possibilities for participating and influencing in Helsinki. The Council influences the planning, preparation and monitoring of the services of different divisions in matters that are of significance when it comes to the elderly population's well-being, health, participation, environment, housing, movement or managing of daily activities.

Contact Elderly Citizens Council

Laura Varjokari 
Tel. +358 (0)44 777 7332

Expert secretary
Planning Officer Outi Paulig
outi.paulig(a), vanhusneuvosto(a)
Tel. +358(0)9 310 43580

31.01.2018 08:50