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Gender Equality Commission

The Gender Equality Commission works for gender equality in Helsinki. The goal is to make gender equality and the evaluation of gender impacts cross-cutting principles of all the City's activities. The Commission aims to change such conditions that hinder the implementation of gender equality for everyone in Helsinki. 

The Gender Equality Commission has a long history. The first Commission was appointed as early as in 1984. The Commission follows up on how the goals of the City's Gender Equality Plan are reached. The Commission makes proposals and gives comments about issues concerning gender equality in the City. The Commission also follows up on research-based evaluation project in the City of Helsinki's services. With its expertise, the Commission aims to prevent discrimination based on gender, gender identity or gender expression in the City's services.

The City Board has appointed seven elected officials to the Commission. The work of the  Commission is prepared by the presenting officer. 

07.10.2020 16:43