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Photography at Work 9 June–1 October 2017

Photo: Behrang Assadi

Work often presents itself as movement. It may be concrete movement in which machines pound new products, or people or commodities move from one place to another. On the other hand, work is symbolic movement that takes a person and the entire society forward.

Virka Gallery's summer exhibition Photography at Work explores work and working in Helsinki. Photographers Behrang Assadi, Miikka Pirinen and Katja Tähjä provide three different perspectives on today’s working life. What can modern offices look like? How is work at an open prison? Or what kind of things can a pause include?

The exhibition also includes photographs and videos collected in the Gallery's open photography and video competition arranged from 1 October 2016 to 31 January 2017. The competition attracted almost 350 entries. They offer an individual view to work sites, offices, the everyday of a freelancer or, for instance, a single parent's day off.”

What do we mean when we say ‘work’? The exhibition tries to find answers and also raises questions about what work is like today in Helsinki. 

At the Sandbox 9.6.-1.10.2017

Photo: Ismo Laulainen and Oskari Lehtinen

At Virka Gallery's second summer exhibition Ismo Laulainen, Oskari Lehtinen and Tanja Talaskivi-Munther depict children in the throes of play, young people studying for a profession and adults working as professionals of their trade. Playing at the sandbox is the future shopkeeper, teacher and even nuclear physicist.

Among others you will find pictures of a watchmaker, a scale model builder and a seamstress. With their pictures Laulainen, Lehtinen and Talaskivi-Munther want to tell you how important work is and how valuable work is for those who perform it. Talaskivi-Munther has also written poems of childhood for the exhibition.

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