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Goal 8: Decent work and economic growth

Helsinki wishes to be Finland’s best city for companies. Planning is a means to realise a city structure that offers companies and their employees attractive and diverse locational opportunities in areas that are well accessible. Concerning this, the city actively strives to develop the logistical conditions for the business community, too. Helsinki wishes to produce a functional and pleasant urban environment that serves as a good growth platform for corporate innovation activities and that promotes sustainable economic growth and employment.

Helsinki has launched several projects to attract foreign entrepreneurs, investments, employment-based immigration and tourists. The whole city is being developed to serve as a platform for experiments and new, creative innovations, but Helsinki invests in particular in the city centre to increase its attractiveness. Helsinki’s objective is to secure the centre’s international competitiveness both as a site for business location and investments, but also as a place of residence and a place to visit. Simultaneously, the city promotes growth-driven entrepreneurship, an innovation ecosystem and the university campuses. The carbon-neutral Helsinki 2035 action plan advances several goals in connection with sustainable consumption and production. The city’s international competitiveness and visibility is advanced also by new municipal measures to improve the Helsinkians’ quality of life and to reduce emissions. This is showcased by the development of the Kalasatama area. The city develops tourism according to its programme for sustainable tourism. The supply of vocational training has been planned to match future labour demand both from a qualitative and from a quantitative point of view. Helsinki has launched the broad Mukana (Together) programme in order to prevent the exclusion of young people and to increase their employment opportunities. In addition, Helsinki’s municipal employment services are in the process of actively developing measures for industries that experience labour shortage. They are also involved in developing employment ecosystem operations.

The City of Helsinki has taken several steps to advance sustainable economic growth and employment as well as the creation of decent jobs. Sustainable economic growth is being advanced, among other things, by establishing operational business environments that support sustainable development, by investing in technological development and innovations and by supporting entrepreneurship and growth companies. Moreover, the city is doing a lot to support the employment opportunities of its inhabitants, especially among those whose labour market participation rate is the lowest. Additionally, Helsinki advances the creation of decent jobs by making sure that the municipality in its capacity as employer operates in a sustainable manner, by making sure that the employees too act according to the city’s ethical principles and by complying with basic international labour standards and ethical principles in its procurement, by requiring that its contract partners do the same and by being an active partner in promoting these goals. The City of Helsinki broadly advances objectives that are in line with UN target no 8. Only target 8.10 (“Strengthen the capacity of domestic financial institutions to encourage and expand access to banking, insurance and financial services for all “) and 8A (“Increase Aid for Trade support for developing countries”) have been given less consideration by the city.

Read From Agenda to Action – The Implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals in Helsinki 2019, pages 14–21 in the report  PDF

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