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Goal 4: Quality education

Helsinki wishes to be the world’s most impactful place for learning. The objective is to guarantee that everybody has access to open, equal, high-quality training and life-long learning opportunities. Already at present, the city provides the inhabitants with high-quality and attractive neighbourhood services in the fields of daycare and basic education.

Helsinki invests in training to promote equal opportunities. The learning environment will be expanded and diversified. Additionally, according to assessments made by the schools the students will increasingly work together, produce knowledge and solve problems together. By making things collaboratively, you also reinforce the development of socio-emotional skills that will be needed in future. Projects within the digitalisation programme have been launched. Accordingly, the schools have procured student computers and improved the schools’ presentation technology. The Development Plan for Immigrant Education 2018–2021 that is intended to advance equality includes 28 measures. Pilot projects for testing the first few of these measures are currently being undertaken. Moreover, Helsinki has allotted 2 million euros for the reimbursement of students in secondary education for their travel costs, learning materials and visits to cultural sites and institutions.

Helsinki provides its 5-year-olds with free daycare, where the participation rate has risen in line with the set goal. Already at present, Helsinki is able to offer all comprehensive school graduates a place for further training in Helsinki. Affirmative action has been implemented and promotes efficiently the realisation of equal daycare and training. Since the autumn of 2018, the teaching of the first foreign language starts already in first grade. Additionally, the city invests in the provision of language training, among other things, by increasing the number of slots in English-language daycare and training. By including environmental education in the Education Division’s environmental leadership and syllabuses, the city makes sure that the young acquire knowledge of sustainable lifestyles already in daycare and onwards.

The goals of the Helsinki city strategy and the city’s measures fit well in with the UN’s goals concerning education (SDG 4). The measures described in this report advance on a large scale the goals of open, equal and high-quality training as well as lifelong learning. The Helsinki city strategy or the measures carried out by the city do not highlight direct assistance allocated for developing countries exclusively.

Read From Agenda to Action – The Implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals in Helsinki 2019, pages 14–21 in the report  PDF

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