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Goal 16: Peace, justice and strong institutions

Helsinki wishes to be a city that is stable and responsible, safe and reliable, but also at the same time dynamic and highly in tune with the times. To achieve the goal, the city will develop and reform its modes of operation and its services. There is an emphasis on the provision of various services in the municipal operations, but the city considers its role as increasingly being one of an enabler and creator of opportunities. The inhabitants’ and stakeholders’ partnership, participation and opportunity to influence is being supported and reinforced by many means. At the same time, Helsinki streamlines its modes of decision-making and its service processes. Making use of digitalisation plays a key role here.

The City of Helsinki bolsters the inhabitants’ sense of security, e.g. by cooperating broadly with authorities and stakeholders. In addition to the prevention of crime, disturbances and accidents, the measures are directed at, among other things, the prevention of substance abuse, money gaming and intimate partner violence. The sense of security is being reinforced also by providing the inhabitants with assistance and support in various problem situations. Moreover, the city invests in the security and sanity of facilities that are meant for the inhabitants and enables a safe urban environment through the use of urban planning.

Aside from security, Helsinki tries to raise the confidence of inhabitants, enterprises and other players in the municipal organisation and its operations and also in the perception that the city is being managed and the municipal personnel policy is being implemented ethically, responsibly and sustainably. Confidence is above all built through openness – Helsinki’s mode of operation is based on maximum openness and transparency. With this in mind, Helsinki develops digital solutions that make it easy to keep yourself up-to-date about topics that you find interesting and that are of concern to you. It also enables participation and opens up public data for everyone to exploit.

The city upholds its stability, responsibility and service capacity in the long run by means of financial planning and ownership policy as well. Helsinki is a major carrier of responsibility for the balancing of the public finances, at the national level too. At the same time, it takes care of improving its own total productivity. The city’s capacity for investment is ensured, inter alia, by keeping total investment at a level that can be funded during the strategy period without adding to the per capita indebtedness of the city. The Helsinki City Group’s ownership policy upholds the principle that municipal ownership and controlling interest buttress the city’s capacity to provide services and that they benefit municipal finances or the city’s social goals otherwise in the long term. Thus, Helsinki on its part takes responsibility for balancing public finances and takes care of improving the city’s total productivity.

Helsinki’s predicted strong growth increases the role of Finland’s only metropolis as a guarantor for the wellbeing of the whole country. Helsinki pursues functional and long-term cooperation with the government. In addition, Helsinki will strengthen its international undertakings with special focus on digitalisation and on combating climate change, which are among the strongest global factors of change and thus make for natural fields for raising your profile in the international arena. City diplomacy is being harnessed for the promotion of business interests in Asia, particularly China. Moreover, the city develops the twin-city concept with Tallinn, advances Nordic cooperation and strengthens its inter-urban relations with Russian cities.

Helsinki’s goals and measures support broadly the UN goal to promote peaceful and just societies as well as effective and accountable modes of administration. The measures that Helsinki has undertaken are directed particularly at strengthening the inhabitants' safety, preventing crimes, pursuing an administration that is accountable, transparent and effective for everybody, and strengthening the inhabitants’ and other players’ participation and opportunities to take part. However, the city does not participate in broadening and strengthening of the participation of developing countries in the institutions of global governance (UN target 16.8).

Read From Agenda to Action – The Implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals in Helsinki 2019, pages 14–21 in the report  PDF

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