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Getting involved in the programme

Applications for the Re-thinking Urban Housing programme are continuously open.

To initiate the application process, please contact the programme coordinator:

Special Planner Riikka Karjalainen
City Executive Office, Economic Development and Planning Division
Tel. +358 (0)9 310 36242
riikka.karjalainen (at)

Progress of a Re-thinking Urban Housing project:

  • The project idea is created
  • Coordinator of the Re-thinking Urban Housing programme is contacted
  • Meeting with the programme working group and sparring
  • Working group supports the project
  • The project submits an application to enter the programme and also applies for a plot as necessary. The application form follows the project from start of the construction project to the finish.
  • City Board’s decision on the plot
  • The project is initiated and progresses in the same way as other housing construction projects
  • The project is included in the regional working group
  • The project is completed
  • Final reporting and follow-up. The final report describes the construction process, its challenges and successes in terms of the development idea. As an example, the follow-up report(s) can describe the experiences of residents once a specific length of time has passed after completion.

A project can also progress through another channel: the city can organise a competition around the desired development theme. This was done in the context of the Yhteistyöllä kohtuuhintaisuuteen (Reasonable prices through cooperation) competition, for example, as a result of which two affordable blocks of flats are under construction in different parts of the city.

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