Programme themes

The aim of the Re-thinking Urban Housing programme is to ensure diverse high-quality apartment housing in Helsinki.

The programme is seeking out trial opportunities and new solutions for development needs related to technical, functional and aesthetic aspects, housing policies and construction processes in developing and constructing blocks of flats.

The overarching themes are as follows:

  • Housing solutions
  • Building types
  • Life cycle solutions
  • Technical solutions
  • Affordability

The development targets can include a resident-oriented approach, premises that serve housing needs, flat-specific outdoor areas, the modifiability of the housing units, personalised housing solutions, energy efficiency, rooftop areas, yards, wood construction, building types, storage facilities, implementation methods and structural solutions.

Hybrid buildings, infill development solutions and the diversification in the planning housing spaces have been identified as new development needs.

Upon applying for the project, developers and builders can propose their own development themes. Individual projects can have multiple development themes.

16.12.2019 16:41