Better housing quality through cooperation

In terms of forms of housing, blocks of flats are very characteristic of Helsinki. The construction of the rapidly-growing city is hinged on an increasingly dense urban structure and good public transport arrangements. 86% of housing units in Helsinki are located in blocks of flats. The aim of the City of Helsinki’s Re-thinking Urban Housing programme is to increase the quality and appeal of living in blocks of flats and integrate new personalised solutions into it.

The Re-thinking Urban Housing programme responds to technical, functional, aesthetic, social, housing policy and construction-related development needs pertaining to the design and construction of blocks of flats.

The programme provides developers with the opportunity to try new things and receive valuable guidance from city experts for the development efforts. It also bolsters the visibility of the development project. For residents, the programme equates to new housing alternatives and examples of how to improve the quality of living in blocks of flats.

The Re-thinking Urban Housing programme was established in 2009 and has thus far encompassed some 30 projects. The projects have mainly been carried out on city-owned land, but some have also utilised private plots and existing property. The projects have covered all forms of occupancy.

The programme is coordinated by a city working group consisting of members of the City Executive Office and the Urban Environment Division. Applications for involvement in the programme are being continuously accepted.