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Frequently asked questions

1. Where can I find information about services in my area?

2. Where can I reserve city meeting spaces and facilities for my own use?

3. How can I apply for a day-care place for my child?

4. Where can I get a residents' parking account and ask about other matters related to parking?

5. Who is responsible for the maintenance of streets and parks, as well as cleaning up street dust If I need to report or ask something?

6. Where can one get a building permit and advice on issues related to permit processes?

7. How can I obtain more information regarding an invoice received from the City?

8. How can I apply for rental housing from the City?

9. Where do I get information on what is our local school in our area?

10. Where can I get information about new planning and building in Helsinki?

11. Where can I get information about events in Helsinki?

12. Where can I ask about seniors' services?

13. Where can I get information about starting a business?

14. How can rent a selling place from the Square or Outdoor Market or Flea Market?

15. Where can I get information about decisions made by the City Board and the City Council?

16. How can I apply for City grants for association?

17. What should I do for a residence permit or for an extension of a residence permit? ?

18. I am a European citizen and I would like to move to Helsinki to live there. How does it work?

19. Where can I find Finnish language courses in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area?

20. I have a temporary residence permit. How and where can I renew it?

21. I have reserved an appointment at a service point of the Finnish Immigration Service, but my residence permit will expire before the appointment date. What should I do?

22. Can I work while awaiting the decision on my work-based residence permit application?

23. May my parents be granted a Finnish residence permit?

24. How can I apply for Finnish citizenship?

25. I moved from abroad to Helsinki and I have children at school age. How can they start school?

26. How do I enroll in a sports course?

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