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Organising an event

Illustration, an Event at the City Hall Lobby, Kimmo Brandt.

The event square is a forum for all of the parties involved in Helsinki, from city dwellers and organisations to decision-makers and city employees. This space is a great venue for hosting seminars, discussion panels and press conferences, workshops, meetings or large-scale urban events that focus on the development of Helsinki. The primary purpose of the activities and the lobby is to benefit the residents of Helsinki, city employees and local organisations and companies.

It is prohibited for a political party or religious organisation to host events at the lobby of the City Hall, and events of purely commercial nature are similarly prohibited.

Are the facilities suitable for your event and does it comply with the mission of the lobby?

Read about terms and conditions for reservations and  fill in an application form

Coronavirus guidelines for the event square in the City Hall lobby

The event square in the City Hall lobby adheres to the Government's and the City of Helsinki's coronavirus guidelines.

This page contains more precise guidelines on how to arrange an event, where the prevention of new coronavirus infections is done as efficiently as possible and in accordance with the Government’s guidelines. The guidelines have been worked out in collaboration between two event organisers and the city authorities and service producers.

Activities at the event square:

  • City Hall Event Square is closed for the time being
  • free of charge
  • open space without walls
  • for up to 100 people
  • 11-metre media wall makes it possible to screen visual materials
  • streaming option
  • speech microphones
  • Induction loop system
  • Mobile touch screens and whiteboards for workshops
  • Possibility for different space solutions customised for each event
  • Catering can be ordered from the City Hall restaurant
  • Accessible
  • help for space arrangements available from Senior attendants and Audio technicians.

The lobby also features a small space for independent work, a selfie point, lounge and a water point for filling your own water bottle. The City Hall restaurant will help you with the catering options for your event and offers a nice place to have lunch. Art lovers can admire the works by Kimmo Kaivanto, Rut Bryk and Jorma Puranen.

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