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Helsinki-info provides information on Helsinki City services and on immigration related matters.

The general public can attend City Council meetings. The public is seated on a balcony in the Council hall. Admission to the meetings is through the courtyard at Sofiankatu 3.

The City Register Office provides information on the decisions of the City Council and City Board.

City Register Office (in Finnish)

The Lion Block brochure on the City Hall quarters tells the colourful story of the block during the Swedish rule and from Finland’s early years as an autonomous Grand Duchy of Russia onwards.

The Lion Block brochure, available in PDF in six languages:

English (1,5 Mt), Finnish (1,5 Mt), Swedish (1,5 Mt),
French (720 kt), German (970 kt) and Russian (1 Mt)

Wireless Internet access is provided at City Hall.

Many of the public spaces of the City of Helsinki and public areas of the city provide free wireless Internet access. Connecting to the Internet requires no username and password.

Wireless Internet access provided by the City shown on the Service Map