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Research surveys studies relating to Helsinki City Executive Office

What is the Helsinki City Executive Office*

Operating directly under the City Board, Helsinki City Executive Office is the planning, preparation and executive body of the City Council, City Board and Mayors.

The office comprises six divisions, namely Economic Development, Administrative Division, Human Resources, Strategies Division, Economic and Planning Division, and Communications.

When is a research permit required for research relating to Helsinki City Executive Office?

If the research/survey/study is about the City’s operations or staff, and there is no openly accessible research material for this purpose, or it requires collection of data (through interviews or suchlike), a research permit stating conditions for the work is required. Within Helsinki City Executive Office, a research permit is required for every such research/survey/study or thesis.

When is no research permit required?

No research permit is required in the case of purchased services or commissioned studies, for which the collection and use of the research material are settled in a cooperation contract. The same applies to a situation where the material needed for the research is publicly and openly accessible, and its collection requires no work from the City staff.

How to apply for a research permit

Before applying for the research permit, contact the division of Helsinki City Executive Office within which you want to conduct your research/survey/study, or send an email to This is to ensure you find an adequate contact person right from the start to negotiate with you about your work.

You apply for the research permit using the following form: Research permit application form and instructions for how to fill it in.

Be sure to include all the data/information/material required with complete appendices and attachments when submitting the application.

Submit your application in due time. Research permit applications are processed in the order they arrive, and permits will typically be ready within 4-6 weeks. If the research/survey/study involves the processing/handling of special categories of personal data (see Data Protection Act 1050/2018, 31 §), processing of the application may take longer. Incomplete applications or missing appendices/attachments will delay the process. 

Please keep in mind that in signing the application, research permit applicants undertake to get acquainted with 1) the requirements on the processing of personal data set by current legislation, especially the EU General Data Protection Regulation and the Finnish Data Protection Act, and 2) their own responsibility for the lawful processing/handling of the data.

Submitting the research permit application

Submit the research permit application, duly filled and signed and with complete appendices/attachments, to Helsinki Registry on:

Protected email can be sent to Helsinki Registry from the address to the address Use your online banking ID to log into Securemail .

or to

City of Helsinki Registry
Helsinki City Executive Office
PB 10, 00099 City of Helsinki

Visiting address: Kaupungintalo, Pohjoisesplanadi 11–13, 00170 Helsinki

Further information: