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Communications is responsible for the centralised communications and the coordination of the whole City’s communications, marketing, general and immigration guidance as well as participation and interaction. 

Communcations is lead by the communications director Liisa Kivelä.


The unit for external communications reports on the decisions made in the City Council and the City Board. Its operations also include national and international media services and supporting the external communications of different units in the City Executive Office.

The operations of the unit for internal communications include communications concerning the City’s personnel, employer reputation, communications concerning change, development of internal communication channels, content production and communication training.

The content production unit produces the centralised channels of external digital communication, the website, and the citizen paper Helsinki that is issued four times a year, the video service Helsinki Channel, and maintains the multilingual website InfoFinland and provides the centralised social media channels of the City of Helsinki.

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Participation and guidance

The participation and guidance unit is responsible for City level coordinating of and developing models for interaction and electronic participation services and regional participation, as well as the City’s general guidance and special guidance in immigration issues and mediation operations.

The City brand

The brand unit is responsible for marketing, development of events, events, leading the City brand and directing of the City’s visual image.

The protocol and hospitality team coordinates the organisation of representation events and gives advice concerning the City’s hospitality, representation and protocol.