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Working for HKL

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Tramway, metro and ferry traffic, as well as the construction and maintenance of the infrastructure they require, provide work for over a thousand professionals. The largest group of professionals employed by HKL are the tram and metro drivers, who number around 500.

Mechanics, carriage repairers, traffic controllers, foremen, engineers and administrative professionals also work hard in order to ensure you travel smoothly. HKL is a safe and respected employer: the average length of a career at HKL is 15 years.

HKL trains new drivers annually in cooperation with the Stadin aikuisopisto adult education institute of Helsinki. The course takes around half a year and comprises training and work-based learning periods. The possibilities for securing a permanent job are good.

If you are interested in working for HKL or you want to know more about training opportunities in the transport field, please contact the adult education institute

HKL’s open positions and course notifications are also available in the electronic recruitment system of City of Helsinki https://www/

Videos of HKL professions

Tram driver

Carriage repairer

Project engineer