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Serving the passenger

Tram driver

Working as a tram driver requires good traffic and observation skills. A customer service-oriented approach and the ability to work under pressure in quickly changing situations are vital requirements for succeeding in this job. The drivers operate different types of tramcars, sell tickets and give advice to customers. Driver training is arranged annually, if necessary.

Metro train driver

Similar to the tram drivers, metro train drivers also work in shifts. Their work requires punctuality and responsibility.

Traffic controllers

Traffic controlling assignments provide work for many people in the control centres of tram and metro traffic. The traffic control centre for tram transport is shortened in Finnish as LOK. It is located in Töölö. LOK is connected to all operating trams. The centre provides the drivers with information on exceptional traffic circumstances, for example.

The metro traffic control centre is located in Herttoniemi. The control centre is aware of every metro’s location on the lines and it also supervises the safety of passengers on platforms and at stations.

Traffic controllers ensure that each tram and metro have a driver during all hours of operation.

Maintenance and repair of the fleet

Trams and trains are washed, cleaned, maintained and repaired at the HKL depots. The vehicles need to last for decades, so they are maintained well. All these tasks require professionals.

Real estates and construction

Metro stations, depots, infrastructure construction projects, track repairs and construction work are also part of public transport. The professionals of HKL perform these tasks, working for example in building management or with electrical systems and communication devices.