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Works near tram tracks

Watch out for the overhead tram contact lines!

A lethal DC voltage of 600 V runs through the overhead trams contact lines. This is why HKL supervises works carried out in the tram track area and its immediate vicinity. Works like this must be reported to HKL at least seven days before the work is started. Electrical or excavation works are reported with this form. You can make inquiries about excavation works during office hours by calling tel. +358 9 310 35413.

You can make inquiries about issues concerning electricity in the track areas during office hours by calling tel. +358 9 310 35503.

In case of emergency works or an accident, notify the HKL Tram Unit traffic control centre, tel.+358 9 310 34962. In electricity matters, please call tel. +358 9 310 35803 (24hr).

Training requests: Hannu Stam 09 310 35777, hannu.stam @

If tram or bus stops need to be moved, this should be separately agreed with HSL (Helsinki Region Transport), tel.+358 9 4766 4444 (telephone exchange, during office hours).