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Responsible HKL

When you travel by metro or tram or ride a city bike, you can rest assured that the environment thanks you.

We want to reinforce passenger safety by means such as developing metro stations to make them more attractive and enjoyable. Additionally, we are constantly working with the authorities, stakeholders and other operators to promote safety.

We make sure that you can travel as accessibly and effortlessly as possible by metro and tram and at stations and stops alike.

We want to keep our customers satisfied. We measure the quality of the customer experience with customer satisfaction surveys and customer feedback. As a place of work, we strive to be responsible and desirable.

All in all, HKL promotes the overall benefits for society and produces cost-efficient services allowing for sizeable benefits for owners and clients alike, and offering the city’s residents more for their tax money.

We cherish our responsibility by constantly and systematically developing our operations. We produce high-quality and cost-efficient services that meet the demands and expectations of our owner and our clients and passenger customers alike.

We are constantly developing our operations based on our results, the customer experience, initiatives and internal and external audits.

Our operations are based on our quality, environmental, occupational health and occupational safety system, which was certified in 2015 and complies with the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards. The operational system defines how we operate as a traffic service provider. It contains our operational policy, operations manual, process descriptions and metrics, operational guidelines and other documents.

Read more about our responsible from Annual report.