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This is HKL

Smoothly on the move – by metro, tram and ferry

When you travel by metro, tram, city bikes or the Suomenlinna ferry, you are using public transport, which is managed by the Helsinki City Transport, HKL.

We provide comprehensive and environmentally friendly transport services both on the tram lines of the city centre and the metro lines between east and west. We maintain the tracks and stations in order to ensure that you travel smoothly and safely all year round.

The metro and trams are the most environmentally friendly forms of transport in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, as they run on electricity produced by water and wind power. In addition to this, we have also acquired new, energy-saving vehicles both for metro and tram lines.

HKL employs around one thousand public transport professionals. They drive the trams and metro trains, control traffic from the control rooms, maintain the fleet, rails and buildings, plan and execute new projects and work in various supervisory and office roles.

HKL’s most important partner is HSL, Helsinki Region Transport. HSL designs the routes and acquires the public transport services. It is in charge of passenger communications and also sells and inspects tickets. HKL operates the metro, tram and ferry traffic ordered by HSL.

HKL in numbers: millions of journeys

  • HKL owns the tramways, metro tracks and metro stations of Helsinki, as well as the trams and metro trains themselves.
  • Around 280 million trips by public transport are taken in Helsinki every year. About 152 million of the passengers travel by HKL: by tram, metro and the Suomenlinna ferry.
  • HKL owns the public transport infrastructure in Helsinki and is in charge of developing and maintaining it.
  • The length of the tram line tracks is 48 kilometres and whilst the metro features 35 kilometres of two-way track.
  • HKL’s turnover was 200,5  million euros in 2018.
  • In 2018, HKL employed 1207 people.